Safety Increasing Lifehacks for Your Toddler at Home

Home should always be the safest place for any person, but if we speak about toddlers, there are some extra factors you might want to consider. We prepared six lifehacks to counter all the possible ‘dangers’ hidden in your apartment or house, take a look!

Adhesive tape for cabinets and drawers

Some storage places might contain sharp objects with which children can hurt themselves, and they can also store some important papers that might be accidentally destroyed by your kids. To make sure drawers and cabinets remain closed, strengthen them with adhesive tape! Cookie cutters will also work to close two cupboard doors together.

Kneepads for safe crawling

When a child starts crawling, it’s always an adorable moment. However, tender baby skin might easily get injured by harsh surfaces. To prevent any scratches from appearing on the knees, get your toddler some crawling kneepads!

Tule for vents

If you don’t want your children to stick their fingers in the vents, simply get a piece of tule! Then, after cutting a piece of the needed size, simply put it on the vent and cover it.

Tennis balls for corners

Sharp table corners might be an easy way for your kids to get hurt, so you need to take care of them. Cut a tennis ball a bit and put it onto the edge of the table (or other furniture); now, it’s soft and harmless!

Pillow for the head

To increase injury-free policy even more, we advise you getting a head protection pillow for your baby. It will make sure that if your toddler falls, there will be a soft landing.

Baby wipes for outlets

We all know that electricity is dangerous, but children still might be too curious for their own good. Cover the outlet with the adhesive cover of your baby wipes, and now it’s safe!

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